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DAS System
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SORALUCE presented worldwide during EMO 2015 its innovative patented DAS system (Dynamics Active Stabiliser). Dedicated to maximising the cutting capability of the machine with long ram overhangs (where the dynamic stiffness of the machine is weaker), the DAS system increases the dynamic rigidity of the machine in real time, increasing the machining performance by up to 300 per cent. This reduces the classic regenerative effect of chatter while machining.

After this successful and revolutionary development of the DAS system, which received the Best of Industry 2015 and Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 awards, SORALUCE now presents the DAS+ System, an evolution of the DAS system which now includes new functionalities to be showcased at BIEMH 2018.

DAS+ includes vibration level monitoring, detection of chatter as well as two different extra strategies to suppress chatter: the new spindle speed tuning and spindle speed variation functions. This new function monitors the machining process and runs an internal algorithm that looks for the best cutting conditions to increase the stability of a particular operation. In the event of instability, the algorithm considers the chatter and excitation frequency generated by the tool and selects the best strategy to overcome the problem, automatically activating the DAS+ system, selecting the optimal spindle speed where chatter is suppressed or introducing a continuous harmonic oscillation in the spindle during the machining process. The machine becomes an assistant for the operator which can concentrate on maximising the use of the machine’s capabilities.

DAS+ makes the machine more intelligent and increases the productivity and robustness of the process, achieving reduced cycle times, longer tool life, a significant improvement of the surface quality and reduced machine wear. It includes all the knowledge and experience of SORALUCE in the field of machining dynamics, for the benefit of our customers.

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