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FLADDER 200/GYRO-1000 VAC  (Presente en feria)


Fladder Danmark A/S is presenting a new machine with the name

FLADDER 200/GYRO which is the next generation of the well known FLADDER AUT.

The change of name is due to the fact that many components and features are identical with the those used in the bigger models with the name GYRO.

A new vacuum unit ensures a safe fixation of work pieces. The vacuum effect has increased by 30%.

The central gearhead is as standard equipped with conical spindles. This leaves the customer with more options when it comes to the choice of tools. The customer may choose a larger brush like the dia. 400 mm. In case of choosing the dia 400 mm brushes the customer will benefit of increased oscillation of the gearhead and 40% more deburring effect.

A simplified control panel with touchscreen makes operation of the machine easy.

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