Fiber laser marking system | Datamark ML-100 20W
Fiber laser marking system | Datamark ML-100 20W

The ML-100 Fiber Laser offers the latest and most advanced features in the laser marking industry.
Its fiber laser engine offers high power peaks, fast processing times and maximum application flexibility to mark with total quality and precision in all types of industrial parts and materials; metals, alloys and most plastics.
The ML-100 system consists of the laser source generating unit and the compact marking head with motorized galvanometric mirrors, both connected by a flexible fiber conductive cable.
The marking systems is very easy to install as a desktop workstation or directly integrated into automated production lines.
The control and programming of marking messages is easily done using the fully featured and intuitive Datasoft PC software, connected to the marking machine via USB, LAN/Etehernet or wireless WiFi connection.
  • Advanced Fiber Laser engine, pulsed by high performance diodes.
  • Efficient, maintenance-free and air-cooled system.
  • Red light focus finder for fast adjustment of the marking distance.
  • Perfect for marking all metals, treated materials and most plastics.
  • Capacity to mark both static and moving parts (marking-on-the-fly).

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