4-cylindrical-column motorized hydraulic presses: M series
4-cylindrical-column motorized hydraulic presses: M series


The standard range varies from 50 TN to 300 TN with total adaptability of dimensions of tables, speeds, number of pistons, automatisms and special geometry.

Specially intended for stamping, deep drawing and deburring.


  • Oxy-cut structure divided in three mono-blocks which are electro-welded and mechanized.
  • Top and bottom table with “T” slots distributed according to the needs of each customer.
  • Cylindrical columns of high mechanical resistance, rectified and chrome-plated in order to keep a low coefficient of wear and friction.

Hydraulic unit

  • Simple effect cylinders with chrome-plated piston and anti-wear guides. Hydraulic unit with Denison silent pump of two speeds and automatic disconnection of the quick approaching speed and independent operation by means of selector. Work speed with decompression system.
  • Provided with anti-return valve, pressure control valve and anti-fall valve.
  • All the models work at lower pressure to guarantee a long life and less fatigue for the hydraulic unit.

Electric system and safety

  • Electric installation for manual and automatic operation of advance of the main cylinder, with selector for 1 or 2 speeds and automatic disconnection of the approaching speed, low tension manoeuvre by electric pedals.
  • Stroke adjustment of the main cylinder and speed change by end stroke and electric pressure switch.
  • Photoelectric security barriers level IV installed in the rear and front and also side protections with opening and security switch.

Total adaptability of dimensions and special geometry

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