Hydraulics presses of four columns with 800 t of power: with electronic system synchronised
Hydraulics presses of four columns with 800 t of power: with electronic system synchronised

The hydraulics presses of four columns sincroelectrónica designed for the adjust of moulds, matrices and coin. Hidrogarne Manufactures in standard range from 30 t until 600 t with total adaptability in dimensions of tables, speeds, number of pistones, automatisms and special geometries.

The hydraulics presses of four totals of 800 t with system sincroelectrónico. It has the following technical characteristics:

  • two hydraulics cylinders of double effect of 400 t,
  • inferior table with slots in T according to indications of the user,
  • upper table with slots in T and system of hygiene anticaída,
  • useful surface of the tables 3.000 x 2.000 mm,
  • ready structure to bear 600 t of effort concentrated in 1/3 part of his surface,
  • columns of diameter 250 mm rectified and cromadas with fuelles of protection,
  • hydraulics group of 1 speed with automatic disconnection of the speed of prellenado and independent operation,
  • provisto of system of decompressesion and valves of prellenado with proportional of pressesure and digital potentiometers in the upper table for the control of trip and system sincroelectrónico of compensation of efforts descentrados,
  • electrical installation for operation to 1 or 2 speeds of advance of the main cylinder.

The presses has a manual cycle and an automatic cycle (activated by means of selector with key of proofs): the manual cycle allows the execution of all the movements (step by step) of the presses to a slow speed. The automatic cycle allows to the presses realise a complete cycle of production. The machine has of a signpost of control with tactile screen where enter the data of operation and calibrated.

2 optical barriers of 1.000 mm with level IV of installed hygiene in the frontal and rear part. The electrical parts Siemens are manufactured in accordance with the current normative CE with the current legislation and with protections IP55. Between his characteristics stand out:

  • strength of 800 t;
  • opening strength: 80 t;
  • 1 motorised speed;
  • it improves engine: 55 kW (75 CV);
  • it improves auxiliary motors: 5 + 3 kW pressesure of work, 250 bar
  • Vel, fast prellenado: 110 mm/seg.
  • Vel, work: 6 mm/seg.
  • Vel, return: 60 mm/seg,
  • route Pistón: 1.000 mm,
  • free height between dishes: 1.500 mm,
  • useful dimensions of dishes: 3.100 x 2.000 mm,
  • trip inferior table: 2.000 mm,
  • step between totals: 3.100 x 1.300 mm,
  • total dimension: 3.800 x 4.500 mm,
  • total height: 6.400 mm and
  • weight of 134.600 kg.


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