Motorized hydraulic presses with C-frame for high production: CF series
Motorized hydraulic presses with C-frame for high production: CF series - On show

The motorized hydraulic presses with C-frame for high production of CF-series are specifically designed to perform work involving deep-drawing, stamping, die-cutting, forming, etc. for medium and high volumes.

We have manufactured the standard CF-series hydraulic presses with three different power ranges, from 80 to 150 tonnes.

The latest generation CF series hydraulic presses now feature a wide range of uses including the possibility of incorporating these machines in automatic production lines.

These hydraulic presses work with hydraulic pressure lower than 290 bar to ensure the greater durability of the hydraulic system as a whole.

Structure and tables

CF-series hydraulic presses consist of an electro welded structure made solely of ST-52.3 steel. They are stabilised and machined at the end of the structural welding process to ensure perfect parallelism and precision. Calculated and designed by finite software with level 5 structural resistance. With all of this, we always guarantee our high precision and quality standards.

These models are equipped with a mechanized lower and upper CK-42 stainless steel table with four “T” DIN-650 grooves. The upper table ensures perfect alignment by means of four cylindrical lateral guides with anti-friction bimetallic caps which require no maintenance.

Cylinder and hydraulic unit

The main cylinder is single-acting with a lapping liner, chrome plunger and maintenance-free anti wear guides.

For quick approaching and returning, 2 double-acting lateral cylinders with lapping liner, chrome plunger and non-wearing guides have been installed, which allows us a fast approach and return speed.

A motorized hydraulic unit with a pre-filing valve for approaching and returning and a fixed flow rate pump for working at constant pressure.

It is equipped with a non-return vale, a pressure relief valve, a decompressing valve and an air-oil cooling system.

Electric installation and safety

The control panel features a Siemens NC enabling the user to select the desired type of work in a manual or automatic position, regulate the working pressure and choose the high or low approach speed. Permits the programming of 99 different working cycles.

Operation is carried out by low voltage electric pedals.

Safety is guaranteed by the use of lateral protections and with level IV photoelectrical sensors situated at the front. They allow the installation of a hydraulic cushion or a hydraulic ejector.

They are supplied with a glycerin gauge with reading in tonnes, hydraulic oil and an instructions manual.

It meets and satisfies all the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the EC standard.

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