Motorized hydraulic presses with sliding frame and moveable head: T series
Motorized hydraulic presses with sliding frame and moveable head: T series - On show


Specially designed for the straightening of oxy-cut sheets and structures.

Its design makes easier the loading and unloading of pieces, sheets or structures, accessible to the different points of pressing without the need of moving the piece thanks to the lateral and longitudinal displacement of the frame.


Fabricated exclusively with ST-52 steel with electro-welded structure, stabilized and mechanized at the end of the assembly process.


Double effect cylinder with chrome-plated piston and anti wear guides provided with removable hold-down in order to safeguard the extreme of the piston. It is also mechanized in order to be able to install on it different equipments, between these, folding equipment from 415 mm to 1.500 mm.

Cylinder provided with anti-turning and front adjustable end stroke switch.

Hydraulic unit

Motorized hydraulic unit of 2 speeds with automatic disconnection of the approach speed, operation by electro-valves and pressure regulator. It includes anti-return valve, pressure control valve and cylinder decompression system.


The operation and control of the lateral, longitudinal and vertical movement of the cylinder is carried out by a hanging electric push button of low voltage with manual and semiautomatic function. 1 or 2 work speed selector for the models TL-150 and TL-300.

  • Motorized displacement of the frame for the models TL-150 and TL-300.
  • Manual displacement by roller track and mechanical blocking for the model TL-80.


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