Lantek Manufacturing Analytics
Lantek Manufacturing Analytics - On show

Managing real data from manufacturing process, data analysis and intelligent visualization.

Capturing every single manufacturing data from supply chain, analysis based on 30-years on Sheet Metal expertise and standardization in a Data Gateway to be integrated on an external SAP or in a Business Intelligence Cockpit. Or in Lantel BI module. OEE, Machine Monitoring, Inventory: Real knowledge for real improvement. 

Manufacturing Analytics

Because knowledge is power (for decision-making)

Lantek Manufacturing Analytics is an advanced manufacturing intelligence module that collects all the production system data and filters, groups and compares it to enable decision-making based on information that is reliable and always up-to-date.

Lantek Expert and Lantek Flex3d are CAD/CAM software solutions that enable you to manage all the cutting machines with the same program, regardless of their technology, type of cut or manufacturer. And besides the obvious advantage of using just one management program, this standardization allows us to collect all the data from each one of them and extract the useful information.

Moreover, if you use Lantek MES, the most advanced Manufacturing Execution System in the market, this useful information is increased with data from other non-cutting processes (Lantek Wos/Capture) and from the efficiency of a whole line or order. Furthermore, if we complement this with data from Lantek Inventory and Lantek Outsourcing, the knowledge will include advanced warehouse management analytics. Lantek Manufacturing Analytics compiles, compares and displays the data of the whole process so you can do your job: make decisions to optimize production.

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