Presses innovation
Presses innovation

LOIRE GESTAMP is leader in “Press Hardening”/Hot Stamping. From the first line supplied with this technology in 1.998, LOIRE GESTAMP has specialised in the manufacturing of complete “turnkey” installations. Nowadays LOIRE GESTAMP has designed, manufactured and supplied more than 30 % of the lines installed all around the world.

Our manufacturing program also includes:

  • Production Lines type “G1” or “G2” of presses for manufacturing mainly automotive parts.
  • Hydraulic Try Out Presses.
  • Hydroforming installations.
  • Servo mechanical Presses.
  • Other type of presses.

Recently LOIRE GESTAMP has developed and manufactured a Servo mechanical press.

Furthermore, LOIRE GESTAMP staff has recently implemented INDUSTRY 4.0 in our hydraulic press lines. Many lines of presses have been successfully monitored worldwide.

This additional service provides a complete range of information through the analysis of data on each line of presses in order to detect alarms and potential solutions.

Also through this data analysis, the LOIRE GESTAMP R&D Department is focuses on identifying and defining the main areas of improvement in which greater Productivity-Quality will be obtained.

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