ONA is world leader in special solutions: customized machines for each customer.

ONA  is world leader in special solutions: customized machines for each customer.
ONA is world leader in special solutions: customized machines for each customer.

A client-oriented integral service offer that adapt to what is needed. The advisory team provides advice throughout the process in order to design the perfect option capable of optimizing the manufacturing process and enhancing performance.
The first step for the success of the deployment of an EDM machine is to listen to the customer, by putting yourself in their shoes and listening to their needs. ONA is a specialist in developing individualized projects that meet specific needs. We can only design a customized machine if we are familiar with the objectives of each business, guaranteeing the success and efficiency of the production processes. Within the philosophy of customization and automation, ONA designs special machines, works on projects to deliver turnkey solutions and develops applications and customized software.
Its machines are totally flexible with a modular, versatile design allowing for more than 40 combinations. It has a catalogue of machines that are fully configurable of each client. In addition, it develops applications and special software with an aim to obtaining the most efficient production process for each business.
Moreover, it is in the position to design anything from a “standard” robot for one or two machines to more complex manufacturing cells with centralized control and automatic program generator software. A huge array of custom designs aimed at maximizing the automation process.
ONA is firmly committed to innovation. Over 1 of every 5 employees work in the R&D department designing more productive, efficient and robust machines. They develop CNCs, generators, Expert Systems, micro-mechanics and environmentfriendly filters which are unique on the market. A clear example of its commitment to technological innovation is the design of the largest wire machine on the market, the ONA AV130. 
It collaborates with different technology research centres (Fraunhofer ILT and WZL-Aachen, in Germany, and Tekniker, Tecnalia, Ideko and the University College of Industrial Engineers of Bilbao, in Spain among others). Similarly, it is involved in European research and development projects (PROSECO, SAPHIRE), to optimize its machines. Undoubtedly, a reference within the EDM sector with the peace of mind ensured by a manufacturer with over 65 years of experience whose priority is the client.

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