KESSLER Milling Spindles
KESSLER Milling Spindles - Azokan

Configure your own milling spindle model by specifying the installation position, motor,
speed, bearing, lubrication and sensory system – the perfect customized solution for your
individual branch and application needs.

KESSLER offers more: As an internationally successful company with extensive and highly specialized  expertise, we provide comprehensive advice about the design and manufacture of individual components and project management of complex system solutions. We use the very latest technology and analytical processes to test our components under realistic conditions, so that our products help your business to stay flexible and maintain its competitive edge.

Our in-house development division is supported by extensive calculation and analysis skills
and covers everything from drive technology to the construction of all-in-one systems.
Furthermore, optimized production and assembly lines provide the framework for stable processes
and the superior quality of our milling spindles.

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