B 20 K
B 20 K

High-performance welding control system

Achieve even better resistance welding results. The new B 20K high-performance welding control xystem combines all process, measurement and monitoring systems into one comprehensive system. Stepless welding frequencies between 1,000 and 20,000 Hz guarantee highly dynamic and even finer control. The self-contained power supply ensures highest process reliability and reduces the grid load of the welding process.   

From micro to macro welding processes, from soldering to heating processes such as induction annealing, the B20 K covers a wide range of applications. Servo axes for controlling contact welding untis, for instance under a press, can easily be integrated. Extended measuring channels ensure optimum control, process monitoring and diagnostics. Using a quick access feature, manual or automatic process adjustmens can easily be performed during active operation via the stepper function.

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