Tightening module for COBOT
Tightening module for COBOT

The MCA tightening modules pair perfectly with all collaborative robots on the market.
There is a growing use of smaller cobots on assembly lines as they are ideal for:
• automating repetitive operations and making the best use of the operators’ skills
• carrying out most tightening jobs automatically
• being quickly reprogrammed and used for different applications, which makes them the perfect choice even for low-volume runs or for variable workflows with quick operational setup changes. 
The feeding system for Cobots is equiped with the Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol: this fieldbus enables broader and faster communication of all work-cycle-related information and digital
Input and Output signals exchanged with and sent to the Cobot. It enables the Cobot to change the feeder’s operating parameters.
Equiped with Device designed to allow the bit to advance to the tightening point automatically
and not allow it to withdraw. In addition, during the tightening stage, the screwdriver’s head does not touch the surfaces of the component, protecting them from any potentially damaging contact.
The forward bit stroke device is designed to be fixed to the Cobot’s wrist with a bracket and, because it requires hardly any thrust for tightening, means this system is perfectly in line with safety requirements.
The nutrunner motors that can be used on Cobots  come in the following versions:
• AIR for torque ranges from 1 to 5 Nm
• ELECTRIC - ETENSIL RANGE - for torque tanges from 0,3 to 4,5 Nm
• DC-DRIVEN for torque ranges from 0.1 to 5.6 Nm
The DC-driven solutions are X-PAQ with direct control, i.e. featuring a transducer and encoder for monitoring the torque and angle directly.

discower all features here: https://www.fiamgroup.com/en/products/automatic-tightening-systems/

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