Upgraded gearhead
Upgraded gearhead - Presente en feria


Fladder Danmark A/S is known as a supplier for high quality machines for deburring. To keep the high technological level, the machines are in a continuous process of improvement and development. The development includes mechanical parts, functions and the tools – the efficient cylindrical abrasive brushes. The recent development concerns the very heart of the machines – the solid gear head. The heart in the automatic FLADDER® deburring machines is the strong, compact gearhead with a total of 6 spindles, mounted in counter rotating pairs. During the process the entire head and the 6 spindles rotate and oscillate across the surface of the parts. Thus the work pieces are ”attacked” continuously from every possible direction during the deburring process. This ensures a uniform finish of edges and surfaces – on straight edges, inside or outside edges, curves, circular or square holes etc.

The new ”heart”: The new gearhead is working like the old one, but mechanically the embedding of the bearings and the spindle construction has been changed. The spindles have been changed to cones with play free bedding. It offers the possibility to use our new Ø400 mm abrasive cylinders.

New abrasive cylinders contain 22 m² abrasive material = 42% increased capacity.

The most common tool used by our customers is the current Ø300 mm abrasive cylinder, which contains 15.5 m² abrasive material. With 22 m² in the new Ø400 mm cylinder, it means an increase in capacity of more than 40%!

Further capacity can be offered by changing the density of the abrasive cylinder.

The new lock-ittm spindle system improves the fixation of the abrasive tools.

The abrasive cylinders are mounted on our new, patented lock-ittm spindle system which offers better fixation and centering of the tools. This reduces the risk of harmful vibrations. The cone shaped spindles with the play free embedding makes it possible to use diameter 200 mm spindles.

The new abrasive cylinders occupy most of the space inside the machine.

The outside dimension of the machine has not changed. It still occupies very little floor space. Thus the spindles are made to fit the space inside the machine. The new compact design of the heart has given us the opportunity to increase the movement across the surface of the work pieces, resulting in even more uniform quality.

The new ”heart” can be retrofitted into old machines.

Fladder Danmark A/S has the goal that new developed technology should fit into the existing machines. The possibility of implementing this new technology into old machines means that i.e. customers who have a 10 year old machine may upgrade their machines to the latest technology at a reasonable cost. This is one of the advantages that come with our product.


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