HST810 Direct Drive Head
HST810 Direct Drive Head

The Electroheads represent the most recent example of innovation combined with technology, with numerous choices of single or double-side structures (fork-type). Of particular interest is the range of Electrospindles available with power ratings ranging from 4kW up to 50kW with speeds up to 50,000rpm.

HST810 Double Sided

A Axis max torque: 1414Nm
C Axis max torque C: 1250Nm
Clamping torque Axes brakes A; C: 4000Nm; 4000Nm
Max speed Axes A; C: 180° sec ; 180° sec
Axis positioning accuracy: 2 arcsec; 2 arcsec
A Axes rotation ±110°
C Axes rotation ±270°
C Axes endless rotation (Slip Ring): no
A Axes endless rotation (Slip Ring): no
Direct Axis encoder: yes
Axes Brakes: yes hydraulic
Weight: ~740kg


ES510 HSK A63
Power S1-S6 42kW / 55kW Synch
Torque S1-S6 67Nm / 87,5Nm Synch
Max RPM 18.000 grease
Max RPM 24.000 air/oil
Rated Speed: 6.000
Spindle Encoder: yes

ES510 HSK A100
Power S1-S6 50kW / 65kW Synch
Torque S1-S6 95,5Nm / 124Nm Synch
Max RPM 12.000 grease
Max RPM 15.000 air/oil
Rated Speed: 5.000
Spindle Encoder: yes

ES511 HSK A100/ISO50
Power S1-S6 47kW / 63,5kW Synch
Torque S1-S6 150Nm / 202Nm Synch
Max RPM 8.000 grease (ISO50)
Max RPM 12.000 grease (A100)
Max RPM 13.000 air/oil (A100)
Rated Speed: 3.000
Spindle Encoder: yes

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