Compact diode laser LDM 6000-100
Compact diode laser LDM 6000-100 - Presente en feria

Compact, powerful and reliable in the application

Many laser operators require compact systems that also deliver high laser power. This balancing act is perfectly achieved by the diode lasers of the LDM series that set new benchmarks with their laser power of up to 6000 W in a rack module. 

With the extension of the product family by the new 7 RU rack mount system, Laserline again sets the standard for compact high power diode lasers. The further development of the LDM technology opens up new applications with up to 6 kW laser power. The beam quality of the fiber-coupled LDM diode laser is comparable to that of a lamp-pumped solid-state laser, with a tenfold higher outlet efficiency at a fraction of the size. Very easy to use thanks to the functional, standardized signal interface that highlights our user-centred product philosophy.

To ensure very high availability of the laser systems, users are supported worldwide by our teleservice via the Internet – around the clock. At the same time, the new system generation has been specifically designed for fast maintenance and independent on-site servicing. Thus, the essential components of the system – laser head, cooling unit as well as power supply and control unit – are quickly and easily interchangeable as modules, if necessary in the field. What‘s more, these sub components increase the modularity of the rack system.

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