Hydraulic press
Hydraulic press





The hydraulic four columns presses “MECOLPRESS – ME-G” are expressly built to be used in hot forging of brass particulars, with high frequency and high speed cycles.

These new hydraulic presses, with completely automatic running, allows to obtain brass forged particulars by means of the method “inverse extrusion”, through the penetration of one or more punches into the dies after the locking and with the pre-heated billet already inserted.

They are mainly composed by a structure with sub-press base plate, by the upper head with thrust cylinder and by the mobile ram with upper die, which runs directly on the columns.

The equipment with lower die and the slides with mobile punches are mounted on the base plate and inside the four columns.

The base structure, the head and the mobile ram are made of high quality steel plates, shaped and electrically welded using the most modern proceedings and with following normalizing and surfaces protection treatment.

The four columns, with optimal dimensioning, connect rigidly the base with the upper structure; they are made in high resistance material, suitably treated by means of superficial chrome plating and finely polished.

The press cylinder has got guides with sliding surfaces in wear-proof material, with low friction sealing gaskets and it is tightly fixed to the upper head.

The thrusting rod, chrome plating on the surface as well and finely polished, is connected to the upper part of the ram and produces its up-stroke and down-stroke movements.

The hydraulic operation allows the down-stoke movement and quick approaching, the slowing down and a gentle bearing onto the lower die; it also allows to maintain high the locking pressure during the phase of punches penetration into the dies and the consequent up-stroke to the top dead centre with quick and fast movement.

The equipment, with dies and punches, is composed by a sturdy base, rigidly connected to the press base plate: can be arranged with one, two three or a maximum of four punches slides, each one independently operated with an hydraulic regenerating system, with high penetration speed, but requiring or absorbing low power.     

The movement of entrance and the stroke of each punch can be programmed in differentiated way, in order to obtain a favourable slipping of the material and the complete execution of the piece shape.

The oleodynamic controls box, made in a suitable independent group, can be located in the more proper position, according to the requirements for the press functioning.

It contains the groups: motor-pump, oleodynamic systems, electro-proportional valves, the oil cooling and filtering group and any other element necessary for the machine proper functioning, excluding the components, which must be installed on the press operation unit.

ME oleodynamic presses can be normally equipped with loading arms,  unloading arms, lubrication systems electronically/pneumatically or other way operated, with automatic device for dies holding and arm for dies changing.

This press range can be combined both with traditional gas and induction heating furnaces and with furnaces equipped for bar hot direct shearing.

The electronic equipment is enclosed into the controls cabinet and allows managing easily the complete plant, finding out its requirements and locating eventual defects in full and absolute safety.


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