Champagne Nozzle
Champagne Nozzle - Presente en feria

Weldtec® conceived and developed the super size Champagne Nozzle II ™ for all demanding weld zone flooding applications.TIG welding of reactive metals, stainless steel and other high temperature metals is revolutionized by using the Champagne Nozzle II ™ . Use it for metals that requiring a complete protective umbrella of shielding gas for superior weld quality and reduced oxidation and discoloration. The Champagne Nozzle II ™ allows professional welding of reactive metals like titanium*, nickel- and aluminium and Hastelloy® , Incoloy® or Nicrofer® . Even application with non-reactive metals for example stainless steel the Champagne Nozzle II ™ is used for better weld results. The low weight of the Champagne Nozzle II ™ guarantees optimal handling and is not topheavy as for example the Jumbo Gaslens.

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