Tracer Gas Leak Standards
Tracer Gas Leak Standards

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) prides itself on being a World Leader in the field of leak standards for a diverse range of leak and flow testing applications. The leak standards are manufactured to precision tolerances based upon the specific flow and pressure requirements that you require. The lab at CTS is A2LA accredited and ISO 17025 certified insuring that the strictest controlled calibration procedures are followed during the course of the manufacturing process. These standards are provided with calibration certificates traceable including the N.I.S.T. We understand that our customers have a different interface requirement, which is why we offer a wide variety of mechanical connections facilitating a seamless integration process.

When the application involves a tracer gas technology, the standards lab at CTS is equipped with industry leading equipment and highly trained technicians that produce standards for the very low leak rate applications (as low as 10-10). In addition to providing new standards, CTS offers a re-certification process for our customers’ existing tracer leak standards. The most common tracer gases used are Helium, Hydrogen, and SF6. However, leak standards for other tracer gases are available upon request.

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