TracerMate CS Leak test and evacuation/charge units on the market.
TracerMate CS Leak test and evacuation/charge units on the market.

Testing Technologies

CTS has designed the TracerMate CS with capabilities that offer more value-added features than any other evacuation/charge units on the market.

  • Leak Location System
    Find a Leak and Fix it!
    Sniff Leak Testing is the basic type of tracer gas leak detection method to identify a leak location.
  • CS evacuation, charge, and fill instrumentation
  • CS instrumentation that communicates with Tracer Gas Detection Devices
  • Standard and custom gas reclaim or recovery systems
  • Standard gas mixer systems
  • Tracer gas leak standards
  • Standard and custom pneumatic and manual seal connectors
  • Patented Nitrogen Purge, clam shell technology for repeatable tracer gas measurement

Standard Test Types 

  • Basic Sniffer Mode or Pressure Decay
  • Evac / Fill Only no Adv. Test Type  

Optional Test Types 

  • Proof Test
    • Up to 10 steps
    • Single Pressure
    • Multiple Ramp Points (up to 500 PSI) with electronic regulations
    • Multiple Ramp Points (up to 1000 PSI) with electric regulation
  • Pressure Decay Test ***With Additional Pressure Source***
  • Capillary Test with Back Pressure or Mass Flow
  • Reclaim Valve
  • N2 Back Fill/Part Clean

Advanced Test Types

  • Advanced Sniffer Mode
    • Available with up to 20 test regions with a single part profiles
  • Purging Clam-Shell Mode
  • Accumulation Mode
  • Hard Vacuum - No Chamber Control
  • Hard Vacuum - Chamber Control  

Pressure Transducer Ranges:

  • Vacuum 100 psig
  • Vacuum to 200.0 psig
  • Vacuum to 400.0 psig
  • Vacuum to 750.0 psig
  • Vacuum to 1000.0 psig
  • Transducer accuracy 0.05% full scale (all ranges)

Mass Flow Transducer Ranges: 

  • Many custom ranges available from 10 to 250,000 sccm thermal and differential pressure flow based
  • Transducer accuracy 0.5% full scale (all ranges)

Tracer Gas Mixing Options

  • 100 % Tracer Gas
  • 75% Tracer / 25% N2 or Shop Air
  • 50% Tracer / 50% N2 or Shop Air
  • 25% Tracer / 75% N2 or Shop Air
  • Custom Mix %  

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