How do I get to the BEC?2019-11-18T16:06:59+01:00

Full information is available on the BEC website at Getting to BEC

Does the complex have parking facilities?2019-06-17T12:54:55+01:00

The Bilbao Exhibition Centre has indoor parking for 4000 vehicles.

The car park charges are €2 for the first hour and €1.4 per hour thereafter, with a maximum of €15 per day.

Is there WiFi?2019-11-19T16:39:45+01:00

Yes, visitors, exhibitors and other users of BEC can connect to the Internet free of charge from anywhere in the exhibition site. 

The service offers 9 hours connection each day at 512 K. Therefore, users requiring a service with greater capacity or for a longer time must contract it directly through the payments gateway.

To do so, the service requires basic registration details, or in other words, name, surname, mobile telephone and e-mail.

Disabled access2019-06-17T12:56:48+01:00

The Bilbao Exhibition Centre has lifts for accessing the complex from the car park and the exhibition halls from the central Atrium.  It is a fully accessible building.

Is smoking permitted at the BEC?2019-06-17T12:57:43+01:00

Smoking is forbidden by law in all enclosed venues.

Are there banking facilities on site?2019-06-17T12:58:37+01:00

There are no bank branches in the complex, but there is an ATM belonging to the BBK savings bank in the Central Atrium.

Can I store my luggage in the enclosure?2019-06-17T13:11:50+01:00

You can leave suitcases and coats in cloakroom.

What is the visiting schedule?2019-06-17T13:12:32+01:00

From 9,30 to 1 8,00h.

What number should I telephone in case of an emergency?2019-06-17T13:13:36+01:00

For general emergencies, dial 112.

What public transport connections with the airport are there?2019-10-25T13:36:52+01:00

To reach the airport from the BEC via public transport, take Line 2 of the Metro to San Mamés station, which connects with the Termibus bus station. Buses to the airport depart every 30 minutes.

There is also a taxi rank at the north entrance to the BEC. The airport is about 20 minutes away, and the cost is around €30.

Could you provide me with a weelchair?2019-06-17T13:15:34+01:00

Yes: go to the information desk on the day of your visit for directions as to where to pick up a chair.

When does BIEMH take place?2020-07-08T13:11:46+01:00

24-26 NOVEMBER 2020

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