144 companies present 347 new developments at BIEMH 2018

3,000 products, 1,200 machines, and 347 new developments presented by 144 companies. BIEMH has turned the 30th edition of the trade show into an unprecedented showcase for new developments that have taken centre stage. These include 89 of the latest developments in the sheet metal cutting and forming sectors which are particularly aimed at improving efficiency, incorporating multi-process tasks, and increasing cutting capacity and process speed. All this, while incorporating advanced sensing, data collection and maximum connectivity.

Meanwhile, the components and accessories sector is one that has grown significantly in this edition, presenting more than 130 new products that are specially designed to offer the user greater industrial connectivity, smart sensing and energy saving solutions. A strategic sector in the field of industry 4.0 which provides the tools and solutions needed so that both machinery manufacturers and the users are able to achieve maximum connectivity for their production processes.

Around 80 new developments have also been presented in tools and metrology, most of which are related to cutting tools, and in particular to machining cutters. In fact, the need to achieve greater durability for these tools is an important objective for the majority of manufacturers.

The remaining developments are concentrated in the robotics and process automation sector, one of the key sectors to continue making progress in the current transformation. These include significant advances in new systems that simplify how robot machining tasks are controlled, as well as impressive new developments in the world of collaborative robots.

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