BIEMH 2018, internationally showcasing the transformation to industry 4.0

The President of the Basque Government launches the 30th BIEMH

“The Machine-Tool Biennial Exhibition showcases the transformation to the new industry 4.0 to the world. Machine Tools, Digitalisation, Production Technologies, and Advanced Manufacturing form the backbone of industrial activity in our country. This sector leads the way in innovation, internationalisation, and professional, technological and digital training for human resources. It is the benchmark for our export capacity and presence in the global market”, noted Iñigo Urkullu, the President of the Basque Government (Lehendakari), as he highlighted the importance of this sector in his opening speech for the 30th edition of the BIEMH which will be taking place at the BEC until 1 June.

“Our industry aspires to be a world leader in innovation and we know that the way to get there is to commit to technology, digitalisation and industry 4.0”, mentioned the President. “An industry 4.0 in which despite the prominence that machines will have, leadership can only be achieved thanks to well-trained and qualified people”.

Finally, Iñigo Urkullu has classified the Machine-Tool Biennial as a milestone for our country. “An event with an international dimension and its doors open to the world, it is an opportunity to attract buyers and gain access to new markets”.

The President of the Bilbao Exhibition Centre and the Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government has welcomed participants in the opening ceremony, highlighting that BIEMH 2018 is “by far the greatest professional event in the industrial sector, and we expect this edition to be the most successful edition of the decade”. “Over the next 5 days, BIEMH will be the main industrial showcase of the Basque Country to the world, and the best place to exhibit an advanced and pioneering industry where Basque companies represent the forefront of the machine tool industry”.

Finally, the President of AFM, Cesar Garbalena, also praised the new edition of BIEMH and pointed out three fundamental aspects in his speech: Advanced INDUSTRY as a pillar for economic development as a whole. A strong, dynamic and competitive industry that generates healthy and sustainable economic activity, develops and attracts the most qualified people, generates knowledge and innovation, promotes the international presence of companies, and pulls in all kinds of high value added services. DIGITALISATION as the most important element that industrial activity must tackle at the source. And PEOPLE, since without well-prepared people there is no future for advanced manufacturing. We need committed, well paid individuals, to whom we can offer challenging and motivating working environments”.


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