Fagor Arrasate participates in the deveopment of smart shears for high-strength steel

Fagor Arrasate, a world specialist in the design of forming and cutting lines, is participating in a European research project to design smart shears for high-strength steel (HSS) with a predictive warning system for cutting tool wear. The project, called IntellCutProcess, will analyze the different parameters involved in the cutting process, such as the cutting force, the gap or clearances of the die or the cutting angle. The data obtained will allow the optimization of the cutting tool in aspects such as the material used and the protective coating.

The shear will be equipped with sensors that will measure different indicators of the quality of the cut, such as the height of the burr and the profile of the cut area. With this information, the system will be able to monitor the state of degradation of the cutting tool in order to maintain the highest quality and cutting precision. Likewise, the predictive system will make it possible to plan the necessary interventions with scheduled production stops, which increases the performance of the equipment.

To validate the results of the research, a fully sensorized prototype of a shear for cutting thick sheet metal will be built first. The new equipment will then be installed on a real operational cutting line.

The program is funded by the RFCS-2019 (Research Fund for Coal and Steel) program of the European Union and has the participation of 6 partners, including Fagor Arrasate, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, y el fabricante de cuchillas Zorrotz.


Source: AFM

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