FAGOR ARRASATE supplies SSAB with a slitting line for the strongest steels

FAGOR ARRASATE, a specialist in the design and manufacture of forming and cutting lines, will supply a complete fully automated longitudinal cutting line for ultra high yield strength (UHSS) steel to SSAB, one of the leading steel mills worldwide.

It is a high-performance line that incorporates all the latest technologies and automation available, allowing it to achieve high levels of productivity and profitability.

With a speed of 150 m/min, the line is capable of processing the strongest steels, with a hardness of up to 1,500 N/mm2 with a thickness of 6mm. Both the change of the cutting tool or the position of the spacers is carried out automatically. This makes it possible to shorten machine adjustment times and reduce manual operations, which improves ergonomics and operator safety. The team also has a chipper to revalue the scrap metal leftovers.

FAGOR ARRASATE is a world leader in the design and manufacture of tailor-made solutions for the shaping of steel, aluminum and stainless, from presses, coil cutting and processing lines and complete systems for the manufacture of complex metal parts. They are also specialists in the forming of composites, hot and cold forging systems and Press Hardening.

Source: AFM


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