Fresmak generates strategic alliances with innovation in clamping technologies

In the last few years, in order to provide a better respond to market requests, Fresmak has launched different clamping solutions such as the BLOCK-SC, an automatic self-centering clamping, as well as the 0-MAK, its own zero point system, a clamping and positioning solution in line with SMED philosophy.

The F-GRIP is the latest great development of the company. A revolutionary clamping system based on a reversible adhesive that has a strong clamping capability, 1000-1200 N/cm2. This new product, result of investment in innovation made by the company, will be launched on the market this year 2020.

As part of its business growth strategy, the company has initiated a new framework partnership with IKERLAN Tech Center. The alliance will allow a technology flow with the company so that it disposes of optimized resources to get a better quality and effectiveness in R&D.

Proof of this is the forthcoming implementation of a technology able to quickly define the optimized design of the adhesive bond for any specific application. The intelligent tool is being established based on the correlation study between the intrinsic adhesive behaviour and an integrated distribution model of the forces in a real machining process. This technology will enable Fresmak to adapt the F-GRIP to any type of work-piece machining, addressing an industrial problem through the use of leading manufacturing technologies.

Source: AFM

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